Oscars Get Dedicated Google Search, Assistant Experience

Google on Wednesday announced the launch of a dedicated experience in Search and Assistant for the Oscars. The awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry are scheduled to broadcast Feb. 9, 2020.

When movie fans search “Oscars 2020” on their phone they can explore the Oscars’ history, including past category winners, and see a full list of this year’s nominees. Fans can search for the career of any actress of actor by searching on their name plus the word “Oscars.”

Photos also are available. Favorite moments or funny moments related to the Oscars can be found in search through Getty images, along with video highlights from ABC. Throughout the show, the list of winners in each category will also be updated in Search.

There are six ways Search and the Assistant can help fans stay up to date, including the ability to ask Google Assistant questions about the Oscars. Everything from the typical questions such as when are the Oscars, to who’s nominated for Best Actress in a leading role, to who is going to win Best Picture.



Yes, Assistant will make a prediction, although Google doesn’t provide insight into the data it uses to make that prophecy.

The data likely comes from months of searches and Google’s available to personalize TV and movie recommendations.

In September, Google announced a search query feature that tells the searcher “what to watch” or “good shows to watch.” It provides personalized recommendations for what is available to a specific person and enables the person to see where to watch the selected programming.

Google Trends also could provide some insight into winners. For example, comparing "Joker," released Oct. 4, 2019, with "The Irishman," released Sept. 27, 2019, shows a peak for the latter around Nov. 28, 2019. The movie "Ford v Ferrari," released in August, shows a trend line that is nearly completely flat during the past 90 days.

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