• Microsoft Sees Bing Ad Revenue Inch Upward
    Bing traffic should benefit as Verizon's Yahoo begins sourcing all its search ad traffic from Bing Ads. Microsoft announced Wednesday that its search ad revenue rose 14% in Q4, excluding traffic acquisition costs.
  • Moz Experts Talk Search: Should Businesses Get Hung Up On Website Metrics?
    To get an update on search ranking factors and the state of local SEO and marketing, "Search Insider" caught up with Moz experts Pete Meyers and Neil Crist.
  • Super Bowl Searches: Haves And Have Nots
    For businesses that don't plan to spend $4 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, no worries. Data shows how the big game influences all types of consumer searches -- not just those in the immediate area.
  • What Could Be The Real Reason Google Invested In Wind Farms
    Some anticipate a future where solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicles all become part of a smart-home ecosystem. Could these be powered by the wind along with Google Nest and Amazon Ring? At the very least, these wind farms lower their cost of renewable energy to power their own data centers.
  • Super Bowl Commercials Influence Search
    A recent survey found that 17% of respondents ages 18-24 say the Super Bowl ads influence them to buy, and 16% are prompted to search online for more information. The survey was conducted by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics from January 2 through January 9, before we knew the winning teams.
  • Amazon Releases New-To-Brand Metrics, Signaling Change In Search
    Amazon wants to make it easier for marketers to estimate the cost of acquiring new customers with its "new-to-brand" metrics for the search-triggered Sponsored Brands ad campaigns, as well as video and display ads.
  • What Super Bowl 2019 Fans Expect
    The location and time of the Super Bowl and price of tickets are among the main Google Search queries -- but this year's ads are not generating the same excitement.
  • Search Market Consolidates In 2019
    Digital agency s360, which specializes in search under the Egmont group of companies, has acquired OnlinePartners, a competitor in search marketing.
  • What You Might Not Know About Facebook's Ad Preferences Page
    A Pew report found 74% of those surveyed didn't know their Ad Preferences -- the list of their traits and preferences -- existed until the study directed them to the page.
  • Elite SEM CEO Zach Morrison Readies Agency To Take Next Step
    Morrison's move to CEO means Elite SEM will "reinvent the meaning of 'president' at the company." He believes the company could have many presidents as it continues to expand beyond the U.S. and in the services offered.
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