• Links Still 'Incredibly' Important To Rank High In Google Search, Study Shows
    The study shows a strong correlation between links and ranking position in Google search based on content quality and relevance using the Quadratic Mean Spearman Correlation Score explained in the findings.
  • Fans Split On Political Super Bowl TV Ads -- What About Search?
    Would fans' perception change if they saw political search ads and display, video and social media ads before the game? If a major advertiser steps up to make a statement, for example, such as Nike?
  • Adobe To Make DOOH Perform -- Is There A Place For Search?
    Adobe is working with telecom brands to determine when someone with a mobile device is in front of a screen in a store, on the street, or in a theater lobby.
  • Amazon Uses Search, Purchase Data To Send Free Stuff
    Amazon uses its machine-learning technology based on Amazon data and consumer buying habits to send new product samples to consumers.
  • Didit Makes Eleventh Acquisition -- Is Twelve Close Behind?
    When I first met founder Kevin Lee, Didit was focused on search engine marketing and advertising. The acquisition of Print Digital Plus is part of Lee's plan to build out Didit into a full-service agency.
  • Global VC Funding Drove More Than $100M In 2018 Deals
    Performance is everything -- especially when it comes to financial support. Total annual global venture capital funding rose 21% to $207 billion in 2018 compared with 2017, with deal activity up 10% to 14,247 transactions, according to recent data.
  • Brands To Gain Consumer Personal Data From California E-Receipt Legislation
    Marketers are likely doing their own happy dance over the proposal that would require businesses in the state to offer electronic receipts unless customers ask for paper copies.
  • Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Is One In A Billion Devices
    Connected through WiFi, these smart mirrors adjust light, access music playlists, log into messaging apps, check the weather, read social media posts, and more.
  • Search Turns Predictive Into Addictive
    There's a movement underfoot that Selina Eizik, Conductor COO and former CEO at Acronym, calls "predictive and addictive." She wants to lead it.
  • DuckDuckGo's Billions Of Searches Detract From Google, Bing Advertisers
    I noticed that my sister-in-law's quest to search for a recipe on Thanksgiving didn't include Google or Bing, but rather DuckDuckGo.
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