Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Is One In A Billion Devices

Capstone Connected Home announced the launch of its Google-enabled Smart Mirror at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The mirror offers voice and touchscreen capabilities to access Google Assistant, allowing users to check weather and traffic, stream YouTube, review social media feeds, and run other downloadable applications.

The application moves early versions of smart mirrors into the 21st century. Microsoft and other tech companies attempted something similar using radio frequency technology between 2002 and 2010.

Metro Group, one of the first European retail conglomerates, along with Prada in the United States, piloted smart mirrors around this time.

We have seen televisions in mirrors, so the idea of a smart mirror with these capabilities seems obvious. One report tells us that managing the smart mirror is done through the Capstone Connected Control Hub, similar to a high-end tablet.

Did you ever think about building a dialog with your mirror? Connected through WiFi, the Hub touchscreen device lets a user access playlists, log into messaging apps, check the weather, and more. Other Capstone Connected Home products are scheduled for release later this year.



Capstone Connected Home isn’t the only brand making smart mirrors. The well-known California brand Simplehuman refreshed its sensor-based smart mirror, which has a tru-lux light system that the company claims simulates natural sunlight and enhances visibility of variations in makeup color, along with a night mode that shifts to a softer hue to promote better sleep.

Similar to Capstone’s mirror, this one allows user to access weather, news and other information. It also offers a feature where it lights up when approached.

On Wednesday, Google announced that Assistant now is available in 80 countries and 30 languages -- up from 14 countries and eight languages in early 2018.

Those numbers will bring the number of devices it supports up to 1 billion by the end of January 2019. That number also includes smart speakers, smart displays, phones, headphones and, yes, smart mirrors. The mirror also offers voice controls.

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