• 59% Would Opt In To Apple's Privacy Tracking If They Received Relevant Content, Study Finds
    Apple iOS users say they agree with the company's latest privacy update, but 74% would rather be tracked than pay for the use of sites and apps.
  • It's Not About Reddit's Impact On AMC, GameStop, BlackBerry, Macy's Stocks...
    It may seem like a story about investors being upended by excited social media users, but it's more to make the point of how social media can cause turbulence and force change.
  • Vimeo Launches Video Lead-Generation Tool For Use In Email Platforms
    The integration with launch partners HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact, among others, allows small businesses to drive results from their email marketing by embedding videos into their email campaigns to create an engaging experience for the reader.
  • Pinterest Makes Bets On Augmented Reality
    Pinterest should continue to benefit from online searches and interactions that previously took place in malls.
  • Toyota Overtakes BMW In Google Search
    COVID-19 challenged the car-buying process in 2020, but not when it came to consumers' searches. Toyota overtook BMW as the most-queried car manufacturer in search last year worldwide across 55 of 158 countries vs. the prior year, but the data only reflects only Google Search. BMW dominated searches on Google in 2019, but fell approximately 70% last year.
  • Google Brings Down Internet Balloons, Makes Bets On Other Moonshots
    Advertisers looking to reach consumers in rural communities through ads, content or ecommerce sites via internet balloon will no longer have that chance -- at least for now.
  • Challenging Advertisers, Budgets Creep Monthly, Rather Than Yearly
    The data shared Thursday by Analyst Aaron Kessler marks the beginning of challenges that advertisers will face this year -- not only as the U.S. tries to recover from a year-long battle with a pandemic that is not subsiding, but to straddle the guidance under a new U.S. president as he tries to put people back to work during record-high unemployment rates.
  • YouTube Security Flaw Exposes Data
    The flaw gave hackers a way to access data and would have allowed them to steal the watch history and data from public and private videos of users who opened the website.
  • Instinct Vs. Data -- What Marketers Choose To Use
    The most interesting part of a study from Sidecar not shared Monday in "Search & Performance Marketing Daily" is the extent to which marketers rely on data vs. instinct to make marketing and advertising decisions.
  • Free Speech Or Freedom Of Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter
    There has been legitimate concern about how much power to give big tech companies and what constitutes acceptable free speech.
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