• Instinct Vs. Data -- What Marketers Choose To Use
    The most interesting part of a study from Sidecar not shared Monday in "Search & Performance Marketing Daily" is the extent to which marketers rely on data vs. instinct to make marketing and advertising decisions.
  • Free Speech Or Freedom Of Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter
    There has been legitimate concern about how much power to give big tech companies and what constitutes acceptable free speech.
  • Amazon Surpasses Facebook In Website Tracker Tags
    In 2020, companies increased the number of website pages they track consumers in, digital privacy company Ghostery found. Amazon surpassed Facebook in tracker reach at about 29.4% vs. Facebook at 23% in 2020 In the U.S.
  • Yelp Creates User-Generated COVID-19 Feedback And Ratings For Businesses
    Disneyland's parking lot in Anaheim, California soon will become one of the largest drive-through locations to get a COVID-19 vaccine, as the state hits an all-time high for cases of the virus.
  • Walmart CEO Details How Company Changed With Consumer Behavior In 2020: CES
    Data supported Walmart Stores' pivot during the pandemic to remain open and keep employees and consumers safe, CEO Doug McMillion said in his keynote at virtual CES 2021.
  • Amazon, Google, Twitter Talk About Cross-Border Data Transfer Federal Privacy Laws At CES
    Cross-border data transfers will increase the incentive for the federal government to create privacy standards.
  • Facebook: Content Performance, Interactions Shift As Site Pauses Trump's Account
    Media Matters analyzed data from pages about U.S. political news and found total daily interactions with conservative content dropped significantly after suspending Trump's account.
  • How Media Buying Changed And What Performed Best In 2020
    At least two-thirds of agencies said they believe targeted forms of advertising such as OTT, social media and addressable had the most impact in 2020, according to Borrell Associates.
  • Amperity CMO Always Dreamed About Working At Microsoft
    "High growth -- that's what I'm addicted to," said Amperity's recently appointed chief marketing officer. "How you find it. How you do it. How you make it successful. Each company I joined acted as a rocket ship. I'm addicted to the opportunities that creates."
  • WhatsApp To Share Data With Facebook As A Condition Of Use
    As privacy has become a major focus and differentiator for companies, some efforts to protect consumers' rights may seem counterintuitive and even deceptive.
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