• Search: How Bing, Facebook Will Predict Consumer Purchases
    Working with Microsoft, the Intent Lab created an algorithm that helps explain consumers' abstract thinking as they move toward a purchase, by analyzing words in search queries and the context around them.
  • Marketers Still Confused About SEO
    About 20% of marketers say they do not have one specific search engine optimization strategy, but rather spread their ideas across a few.
  • Cyber Monday: Consumer Spend Through Mobile Devices Rises
    Cyber Monday 2018 and the day after saw hikes in online traffic to websites via mobile devices. Traffic rose 17% to 50.23% on Monday and 43.06% on Tuesday compared with 2017. Desktop traffic fell by 10% to 43.46% and 48.07%, respectively.
  • How Google's Zero Results Affect Marketers
    Google will not serve search queries from brands and websites that its algorithms believe can correctly answer them on its own. One SEO expert believes this is just the beginning.
  • The Impulse Buy, From Search To Macy's On Thanksgiving Day
    A funny thing happened to me on Thanksgiving Day this year. I'm not known for making impulse purchases. But I admit I made an impulse buy at Macy's on Thanksgiving Day.
  • A Brand's Good Reputation Rings In The Dollars, Lego Store Ranks No. 1
    Retailers with high reputation scores generate 3.9% higher sales growth than stragglers.
  • How Personalization Impacts A Brand's Black Friday, Cyber Monday
    Like the jingle of bells on Santa's sleigh, the message of personalizing the experience for consumers who visit a brand's website or conduct a search on the Google and the Bing engines rings loud and clear.
  • 1-800 Contacts Anticompetitive Ruling Shows Need To Tame Search
    Internet advertising still seems pretty wild. At least one search marketer I contacted believes 1-800 Contacts secretly bullied its competition, but it's not clear how that went down.
  • Google My Business Insights Reduces Data Latency
    While it's not exactly "real-time" data, Google has managed to shorten the time between processing data and delivering it.
  • Google's John Mueller: One Seasonal URL Would Collect Links All Year
    Seasonal landing pages come and go, but reposting old versions of a holiday landing page on a brand's website could disrupt ranking of that page and the site in Google's search engine. Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has some tips on the topic during a Webmaster Central hangout on Friday.
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