Google My Business Insights Reduces Data Latency

In another move that will give marketers more data, Kara Jancourtz, Google community manager, announced improvements Monday that reduce latency and give businesses access to the latest data in the Google My Business Insights analytics platform.

And while it’s not exactly “real-time” data, Google has managed to shorten the time between processing the data and delivering it. “To give you a more accurate idea of how your listing is performing, you'll now see Insights data up to yesterday in Google My Business,” Jancourtz wrote in a post.

Too much data can leave businesses just as stuck as having not enough data to work with because it depends on the type of data collected and processes and how it is used.

The more recent the data, the more easily advertisers can spot and compare trends before taking action.

Google My Business Insights provides marketers with a variety of ways to understand how consumers interact with the company’s listings. It can provide insight on how someone found a listing, such as whether they searched for the business by name or category. It also shows how they conducted the search queries, and whether they asked for directions, and can provide hints about a company’s reputation.



Earlier this month in the Google forum, Google announced, Allyson Wright, Google community manager, posted that Google My Business now supports businesses that have not yet opened to the public.

“Businesses can set a future opening date, engage with customers, and announce when and where they'll be open for business,” she wrote. “Verified businesses with a future opening date will begin to appear on Google 90 days before the opening date.”  


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