• Google Accused Of Playing Unfair By 41 EU Companies As Competitive Shopping Tensions Build
    In a letter to the European Union, 41 of Google's online shopping rivals across Europe still say the search giant isn't playing fair.
  • 'Let It Go,' Grandma -- The Search For 'Frozen' Heats Up
    Search and analytics company Bloomreach pulled "Frozen 2" search and purchasing data, and social media company Sprout Social pulled social listening data from the opening weekend. Here's what they found.
  • Google Maps Ideal For Local Search In Homes On Mobile, Not Desktop
    A study found that half of searches were done at home, with 81% on a smartphone, 22% on a desktop or laptop, and 9% on a tablet.
  • Republicans Gave Former Facebook Developer Too Much Credit For Bringing In Votes
    James Barnes left Facebook in the spring and now is dedicated to getting Trump out of office in 2020. Republican Party officials gave Barnes too much credit for helping Trump win the White House in 2016 -- especially the one senior official who singled out Barnes, suggesting he played a key role in getting the billionaire elected president.
  • Google Ads Introduces Bid Strategy Reporting With Signals
    Google's Smart Bidding is intended to give advertisers transparency into the factors that drive performance. This week the company introduced a way to view some of the top bid signals in the bid strategy report.
  • Corvette Collection's Mobile Optimization Campaign Reaches 68% Performance
    Corvette Collection worked with the Mobile Optimization Initiative, testing five standard tests including simplified card header and autofill to develop an economical model that analyzes overall collaborative community results.
  • Why Google Featured Snippets, Rich Answers Strategies Are Also Important For Publishers
    Featured Snippets and Rich Answers are increasingly serving up across Google. Perficient Digital analyzed what drives their growth, and why it's important for publishers to consider these strategies.
  • Hey Google, Play Me Some News
    Taking audio one step into the future, Google has announced Your News Update. It's a way to listen to news hosted by Google Assistant -- a personal news audio list.
  • The Man Leading Searchmetrics Into 2020
    Matt Colebourne, Searchmetrics' newly appointed global chief executive officer and formerly European vice president of international for DoubleClick, shares insights on data and marketing.
  • Reviews Platform GatherUp Acquired By ASG
    Software-as-a-service holding company ASG acquired reviews platform GatherUp, founded by local search gurus Mike Blumenthal and Aaron Weiche. The acquisition was announced Thursday.
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