'Let It Go,' Grandma -- The Search For 'Frozen' Heats Up

My nearly three-year-old granddaughter loves the song "Let it go" and sings it in her loudest voice while driving to daycare each morning, sometimes with the windows down and sometimes with the windows up. 

If you're not familiar with the song, it's from the soundtrack to the original motion picture "Frozen." I learned about the song on the first day of our driving excursion to daycare. She said in her polite voice, "'let it go,' grandma."

"Let it go?" I said.

"Yes, let it go," she said. 

My granddaughter knows every word to the Disney song. After three mornings of driving her to daycare, I'm still learning the words. But I'm a quick learner. 

I quickly discovered the urgency of "Let It Go" and I downloaded it on to my iPhone, along with the entire soundtrack -- which we listen to and she sings to each morning.   

Disney has another blockbuster on its hands. Opening weekend, the sequel, "Frozen 2," earned $127 million in box-office sales, making it the third-highest animated movie opener of all time. The buzz over the franchise is just as electric.  



Search and analytics company Bloomreach pulled "Frozen 2" search and purchasing data, and social media company Sprout Social pulled social listening data from the opening weekend.

The day the movie opened, search data rose 95% in terms of customer engagement. On the second day, engagement rose 6%. The franchise saw a 400% increase in sales for in November 2019, compared with the year-ago month.

When Disney announced Frozen Fan Fest on October 4, 2019, searches on retail websites, which Bloomreach works with, for Frozen-related products rose 1,203%, compared with the previous months.

Top Frozen merchandise includes bedsheets, cardigans, t-shirts, tabletop sets, briefs for babies, bikes, backpacks, and pajamas.

I've been in California visiting her for the past two week. Since I arrived I bought her the soundtrack, a jacket with the Frozen characters on it, and the movie on Blu-ray. 

The numbers look more like a roller coaster on social sites.

Sprout Social pulled social listening data from the weekend, November 22 through 24, 2019, and found 1.4 million tweets on Twitter about Frozen 2.

Some 21% of those were positive, but 40% were negative and 39% unrated. Comparing those numbers to the week prior to the movie's release, Social Sprout found 283,803 people tweeted about Frozen 2 and 29% of those tweet were determined as positive, 31% were negative, and 40% unrated.  

Happy Thanksgiving. See you back here on Friday. 

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