• Middle East Search Insiders Speak Out
    A group of search and technology experts in the Middle East launched a website in an effort to curb bias and misinformation about the Hamas-Israeli war.
  • Anthropic Has An AI Copyright Indemnity Clause
    Anthropic told investors it expects to generate over $850 million in annualized revenue by the end of 2024. Amazon and Google have invested millions in the startup.
  • How Harry Potter At Hogwarts Helped Microsoft AI Researchers Prove A Point
    Two Microsoft researchers set out to determine whether or not developers could make large language models unlearn any part of the data they have been trained on.
  • New Year, New Challenges: Here Are Some The Ad Industry Face
    "The term 'search engine' will have to go," says Chelsea Digital CEO Mike Grehan. "Search engines were invented so people could crawl the world wide web and find documents. And just writing those words suggests something from 1999."
  • Terms Of The SERP
    A new search engine results page (SERP) is coming, and it will require a new ad model. Some expect that to happen in 2024.
  • Advertisers Spit Out Cookies, Tracking What Readers Read In 2023
    Brands often encounter challenges in planning timely and relevant campaigns, according to Riley Mackey, associate media director at Charts + Darts, a full-service agency.
  • Google To Start Limiting Election-Related Queries In 2024
    The global restrictions will take effect by early 2024 in time for elections in the U.S., India and South Africa. Google said it would use AI more to serve voters and campaigns related to these elections.
  • Amazon, Microsoft Struggle With AI Inaccuracies
    With Amazon, the focus is on product reviews, while for Microsoft, it's about reliably sourcing election information.
  • 365 Days Of Paying It Forward
    He spent 32 years defending the United States. Now Steve Weintraub works at a nonprofit in marketing trying to teach others how to give back.
  • Strike A Chord: The Connection Between Music And Search
    Amy Rumpler, Basis Technologies SVP, search and social media services, talks about music, instruments, and integration with Google Performance Max.
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