• CMO Title Dies On The Vine
    The demise of the CMO role at some companies has been a topic of much discussion. The CMO role has recently been combined with brand officer, chief marketing strategist or experience officer.
  • Microsoft GAI's Power Move
    Generative AI will allow companies to build highly personalized consumer profiles with just a few bits of consumer data to target ads and follow behavioral patterns.
  • Ecommerce Numbers Rise - Thank Marketplaces
    One in five shoppers say they are buying gifts from smaller businesses as much as possible during Q4 2023, a stat from Jungle Scout that has doubled since 2022.
  • Ad Budgets: Questions We Asked Google In 2023
    Questions identify what people care about and what inspires them. Those questions help brands answer them.
  • How Brands Will Create Content In 2024
    Earlier this year when Google and Microsoft separately launched their AI platforms, the industry had little idea of the innovations to come in the remainder of 2023.
  • Agency Finds Review Abuse, LSA Reviewjacking On Google
    Review stars disappeared overnight from search results for many businesses in 2019, but rich-snippet stars for locations that were part of large multi-location chain quickly reappeared.
  • Agencies Fear Missing AI Adoption
    Agencies refuse to be left behind in the AI frenzy. Many expect the AI-driven savings to more than double YoY, increasing by 134% in 2024.
  • Microsoft Deep Search Analyzes Complex Questions
    Microsoft on Tuesday announced an optional generative AI feature intended to help people searching on complex questions that don't have simple answers.
  • Apple Encourages Audio Deepfakes To Ensure A User's 'Voice Is Never Lost'
    An Apple feature on the iPhone allows users to create a voice that sounds like their own to use in FaceTime, Phone, and assistive communication apps.
  • AI Interest Engine Integrates With Google Ads
    Lytics built an Interest Engine on a suite of AI tools, including Google Vertex AI for Natural Language Processing. It helps brands create graphs that link profiles to real-time interests for ad targeting across every major ad network.
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