• Reddit Lands In Germany With Advertisers, Where It Plans For Explosive Growth
    Reddit's growth in Germany rose 47% this past year vs. the prior year. Germany now is home to the company's fifth-largest user base. The site has a pretty accurate search engine. Reddit search allows users to search for submissions and subreddits.
  • Illicit Web, Search Engines, Browsers Become Security Risk
    The visual web indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines is well known to all, but an unregulated web has led to illicit activities that many people do not realize exists.
  • Google Reportedly Charges More Than Twice Its Rivals In Ad Deals
    For each ad transaction served across the Google exchange, the company takes on average between two and four times as much as the fees charged by rival digital ad exchanges -- the assertion found in an unredacted lawsuit by state attorney generals led by Texas.
  • Microsoft, Amazon Launch Very Different Support For Businesses, Preparing For Unusual Holiday Season
    Microsoft and Amazon announced support for businesses on Thursday, each detailing very different strategies in time for the holiday season.
  • If PayPal Buys Pinterest
    PayPal, benefiting from the boom in online shopping, now has Pinterest in its sights. The company reportedly on Wednesday is in discussions to acquire Pinterest, known for its search features and the ability for brands to reach shoppers from its site.
  • Brave Replaces Google As Default Search Engine In Its Browser
    Brave will replace Google in the U.S., U.K. and Canada as the default search engine for its privacy-focused browser and will succeed DuckDuckGo in Germany, and Qwant in France. Other countries will see the switch in the coming months.
  • Advertising Industry Opens To Mental Health Awareness
    Advertising Week has launched a full track focused on mental health. I received information from Tinuiti that the company will give employees days off to take care of their mental health.
  • Pinterest Broad-Term Travel Searches Up, Branded Down
    Total searches on Pinterest related to travel rose 19% in 2021, compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, but they are down 14% for specific destinations. Where are you headed during the holidays?
  • How Advertisers Might Benefit From Google Modernizing Mobile Search
    Google's mobile search now offers a continuous scroll feature. The company's calling it, yes, you got it, "continuous scrolling." Here's why.
  • Holiday Shopping Is Early, Mobile And Revengeful
    The shopping ecosystem became increasingly complex during the past year. Navigating this landscape can be daunting.
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