• Why Heineken USA's Campaign Means More Now
    Californians using Google's ride-share Waze app to get to airports, beaches, parks or even bars this holiday weekend could see a Heineken USA ad not for alcohol, but for a free Uber ride. As businesses begin to re-open and people travel to see friends and family across the state, reminding people to stay safe -- not drink and drive -- becomes even more critical to save lives.
  • Google Rolls Out Travel Ad Updates As Fraud In Market Rises
    Competition in travel ads increases as pent-up demand explodes.
  • Facebook, Instagram Will Allow Posters To Hide The Number Of 'Likes'
    Marketers like to know -- and actually depend on knowing -- the number of "likes" on a post. These are often a reflection of the performance of the message.
  • Stirista Launches New Division, AccessB2B
    A gap in the business-to-business landscape led Stirista this week to launch AccessB2B, a new division focused on marketing and sales.
  • Pssst -- Yelp's National Lead And Data, Not Crystal Ball, Predicted These Trends
    Yelp SVP/head of national sales Tom Foran has more than 20 years of experience in digital media and continues to identify changes in business based on company-aggregated data. And he has been pretty accurate.
  • Snap Buys AR Company, Gives Glasses To Content Storytellers
    Snap accomplished something Google and Facebook could not -- finding a home for its augmented-reality glasses with content storytellers. Then it acquired an AR company.
  • Why Google Made Changes To Its Design Language
    Design and color act as a first impression, especially for apps or website home pages. They influence people's decisions and behavior and can trigger emotion and prompt purchases.
  • Data Limitations Force Industry To Create New Ad Optimization Methods
    Marketers' transition to first-party data has blind spots, despite analysts' efforts to improve customer protections and projections. A flaw in these methods can create serious implications for brands, per DISQO.
  • Google LaMDA Makes Conversation With You
    Google loves language. LaMDA, announced today, is the next breakthrough for the company in terms of natural-language processing and understanding.
  • Google Researchers Rethink Search
    Google researchers are rethinking search. This should be no surprise, as data privacy concerns take more attention from companies and consumers.
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