• Marketing Ops Fail: Marketers Challenged By Pandemic
    Marketers have been forced to examine their marketing operations' effectiveness to improve performance and solve new challenges accelerated by changes brought about by COVID-19. When asked to describe the effectiveness of their strategies, here's what they had to say.
  • OTT, Podcasts And Blogs: Oh My, How Retail Media Is Evolving
    Blogs are among the top nontraditional retail media channels used or considered by retail advertisers to activate their commerce, a new analysis by Advertiser Perceptions finds. The ad industry customer satisfaction researchers fielded a survey of 250 ad execs with principal responsibility for retail advertising in February.
  • Nextdoor Data Identifies Changes In Consumers' Habits
    Data from the Nextdoor app has become a valuable tool for marketers looking to track real-time, local changes in consumer behavior. The data reveals consumers' spending habits and media consumption preferences as well as environmental issues.
  • Marketing, Sales Teams Least Data-Driven Departments
    Some 36% of execs working with data base decisions on instinct, about 22% think their data investments aren't worth it and 1/3 say creating a data-driven culture is a challenge, according to a survey by Talend, which focuses on data integration and integrity.
  • What Agencies Say About The Job Market
    Ad agencies say there are many openings for the ideal candidate. Publicis performance marketing agency Performics continues to hire based on the need to support new business and organic growth of existing clients.
  • The Mother Of All Performance Metrics
    Heading into Mother's Day weekend, Ipsos has released some revealing data about the performance of, well, moms.
  • Apple Framework Isn't The End Of The Tracking World As We Know It -- Yet
    One week into Apple's enforcement of its app-tracking transparency framework, only a fraction of developers have actually implemented it. Initial data suggests it's not the end of the identity tracking world as we know it -- yet.
  • Why Microsoft Is Giving Away Some Data Integration To Sell More Ads
    Taking a page from Gillette's brilliant marketing strategy of giving away razors and selling razor blades, Microsoft announced it is giving away a valuable add-on to its massive consumer database so it can sell more advertising to marketers.
  • Survey Of CMOs Evaluates Advertising Creative Performance, Impact
    Evaluating creative performance is key to successful campaigns, according to a survey of more than 500 CMOs of consumer-facing brands conducted to better understand how they evaluate their advertising creative performance and impact.
  • Is Apple Holding Back To Stifle The Web Or Create A Monopoly?
    One Google Chrome developer makes the case that if Apple allowed real "honest browser competition for iOS" MacOS users, the world would see "entirely new classes of web applications."
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