• Look Who's Searching
    A last bastion of non-Internet users can be convinced to join the other side, as my mother did while in the process of renovating her kitchen. This group of 50-plus are interested in information and products, and getting it fast.
  • Searching for Trademark Protection
    The explosion of search marketing--like the rise of the business Internet itself--is transforming everything it touches. So it's no surprise that now search is having a major impact on the world of trademark law. What changes does your company need to be aware of? And what can you do to protect your valuable intellectual property assets?
  • Let the Chrismukkah Planning Begin
    From a marketer's perspective, this is the worst time of year. When not at work, you're thinking of back-to-school shopping for your kids, last-minute vacations, Labor Day barbecues, and apple picking.
  • The Growing Pains of Search
    Ahh...our fledgling little industry is growing up.
  • What Can Search Tell Us About the Future of Marketing?
    Sure, search marketing is "hot," but does it also provide clues about the future of marketing? The dramatic success of search for the consumer, marketer, and publisher demands closer examination. Is search simply a useful Yellow Page system, or are there evolutionary marketing trends going on here?
  • Le Search, C'est Moi!
    Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents admit to searching for themselves, according to a Harris Interactive and Microsoft study. Is this narcissism or harmless fun? Regardless, there's a way marketers can take advantage of it.
  • IYPs: The Most Precisely Targeted Local Advertising,and It Costs Less
    Paid search revolutionized marketing and advertising with the emergence of precision-targeted ads based on user-generated queries coupled with pay-for-performance pricing, detailed reporting, and ROI calculations. But, it is Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) that represent the latest advancement in the development of targeted online advertising.
  • Paid Inclusion: It's All About Relevance (Really!)
    One of the major factors driving the 'comeback' of Internet advertising among marketers is an accelerating interest in search engine marketing services, especially as retail marketers face internal pressures to directly generate qualified leads and to show demonstrable return on investment.
  • The Local Search Challenge
    David Berkowitz, MediaPost's Search Insider, tests whether or not to use a ZIP code while searching the Web.
  • Where Do Agencies Fit in the Search Engine Marketing Process?
    Trade journalists like myself are usually on the periphery of what goes on internally at the companies we cover on a day-to-day basis. Sure, we have our spies and our off-the-record discussions with sources, but for the most part, our task is to identify and write about trends, break news, and turn PR spin into news.
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