• 45% Of U.S., U.K. Advertisers Have Used Same Ad Approach For Past 5 Years
    Seventy-four percent of ad budgets have been impacted by the economic downturn, and 47% of advertisers cite challenges with rising campaign costs, according to data from Accenture.
  • AI To Become 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide
    How will AI influence what and when consumers buy? Aki Technologies, the media division of Inmar Intelligence, finds that many shoppers are receptive to using the technology for holiday shopping.
  • IAB Council Talks About Privacy
    The IAB Council has challenging positions in their work serving the ad industry. One job is to ensure IAB members have the information needed to make accurate decisions on privacy.
  • Gen Z Loves Social Media, Most Likely To Opt In To Tracking, Tinuiti Finds
    TikTok led across CPG categories for Gen Z, with Instagram the second-most influential social-media platform for product discovery and Facebook third, Gen Z was three times more likely to opt in to tracking than Boomers and to receive more relevant ads when using online news and media sites, rather than opting out of tracking and receiving less relevant ads.
  • Google, Meta, Microsoft Try - But Next Steps In Protecting Online Privacy Won't Work
    Microsoft is the latest to announce that Bing and LinkedIn will provide more information on targeted ads. The news came today as the EU puts in place the Digital Services Act (DSA), which demands that large companies protect online users from harmful content and become more transparent about their algorithms.
  • Google To Comply With The Digital Services Act
    Google plans to share more insights into how targeted ads are served to users in the European Union and expand the ads transparency center-all based on its need to adhere to online content rules and regulations.
  • TikTok Search Ads Come With A Caveat
    Advertisers will soon have an option to place ads alongside organic content, but several factors could impact whether or not the ad is served, the company says.
  • County Tells Drivers To Ditch Navigation Apps
    Navigation apps can become frustrating or hazardous when the app sends the driver into a loop or down a wrong path.
  • Why Retail Media Could Overtake Search
    More than 80% of marketers plan to increase their retail media investment and 96% realize first-party data is vital to successful ad strategies, LiveIntent reports.
  • Behind Amazon's Move To Expand Ads On Third-Party Sites
    Skai has worked with Amazon for several years. Nich Weinheimer, Skai EVP of strategy, discusses the benefits for Amazon and advertisers, and why the marketplace is doing this now.
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