• A Tale of Two Research Philosophies
    They only sit about five miles apart physically. One's in Palo Alto, the other's in Mountain View. But when it comes to how R&D is integrated into an organization's strategy, there is significantly more distance between Xerox's PARC and Google.
  • Keep Pace With Online Language As It Evolves
    The Internet is the monolith spurring the evolution (de-evolution?) of English. We see it spread across the digital landscape, and take hold IRL (in real life), as words and symbols (@, #) have taken on entirely new. Even the venerable Oxford Dictionary looks to the Internet for "selfie," its word of the Year 2013. These evolutions represent opportunities in search and social to reach out with a message that is tailored to your consumer. Fail to evolve at the pace of online language, and you'll quickly become a nub.
  • The Emerging Data Ecosystem
    Data is ubiquitous, and that is true pretty much everywhere. It was certainly true at the Search Insider Summit, where every panel and presentation talked about data. And not just any data -- this was "Big Data." But what exactly is Big Data -- just more data? Or is there a fundamental shift happening here?
  • Does A Deer Buzz In The Valley?
    First it was the bear pooping in the woods. Then it was the tree falling in the forest. Now we have the deer buzzing in the valley. Where will it end? Who knows? Probably down by the bay. Indeed, there was a distinct buzz in the (thin) air of Deer Valley, Utah this week as search geeks the world over flocked to the Search Insider Summit. As I've done for each of the past 15 shows, I logged all the buzzwords being bandied about. Here's the 20 that were dropped harder than a CEO on icy Main Street.
  • Google Enhanced Campaigns: Were The Forecasts Accurate?
    In the world of search marketing, no 2013 milestone sparked as much interest, speculation, and even fear as Google's debut of Enhanced Campaigns. Now that we've had nearly five months since the July launch, let's take a look at if -- and how -- four commonly expected forecasts have actually played out on the front lines.
  • 360 Degrees Of Separation
    In the past two decades or so, a lot of marketers talked about gaining a 360-degree view of their customers. I'm not exactly sure what this means, so I looked it up. Apparently, for most marketers, it means having a comprehensive record of every touch point a customer has had with a company. Originally, it was the promise of CRM vendors, where anyone in an organization, at any time, can pull up a complete customer history. So far, so good. But like many phrases, it's been appropriated by marketers and its meaning has become blurred.
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