• For The Love Of Search
    When I write an article, I typically follow a process which begins with a simple question, "What fascinates me?" (not to be confused with Arsenio Hall's "Things that make me say hmmm.") I consider myself a fairly simple person--therefore the time it takes to develop an answer to this question typically is very short-lived! But recently several items have struck me as just plain intriguing.
  • Life After SEW For Danny Sullivan
    This Tuesday, a bomb dropped on the search marketing community. It started, as so many stories do now online, with a simple blog post. After 10 years, Danny Sullivan was leaving Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch. Jaws could be heard dropping around the world.
  • Natural-Born Search Killers, Part 2
    In my Aug. 2, column, "Natural-Born Search Killers," I discussed how not having a URL strategy could kill a search presence, detailing four key elements that contribute to the value of site domains and URLs. (The elements included link equity, positive search engine equity, bookmark equity and search investment.) In this article, I will discuss a few additional elements of URL equity.
  • Tag, You're It
    The building block of Search 2.0 is the link, but with Web 2.0, it's the tag.
  • Accountability Matters
    In my continuing discussion of the new e-Media Exchange--the auction-based ad-buying exchange driven by blue-chip advertisers with technology from e-Bay--I'd like to talk about why the push for auction-based advertising is, at its root, a push for accountability.
  • Strong Natural Positions Are Not A Birthright
    I was chatting with a marketing manager from a well-established West Coast real estate brokerage the other day. He expressed a philosophy that I have heard a million times before, and always wondered at, because it's amazingly misguided....
  • Psst, Want A Hot Spot, Paisano?
    Hello, my name is Gord, and I'm addicted to the Internet. I didn't realize I was addicted until I recently spent three weeks in Europe and had to go through withdrawal. But after hanging around hotel lobbies trying to get a hit from a local hot spot, I've had to face up to the fact that I can't kick the habit. I need my broadband, baby!
  • How Will Search Fit Into The Media Mix In 2011?
    In my last column, I pointed to a recent JupiterResearch report that projected online advertising at 9 percent of overall advertising budget in 2011. Given the convergence and emerging digitization of traditional mediums like TV, radio, and print, I think we need to clarify the definition of "online" advertising--not only for the sake of having accurate projections, but for us marketing professionals to truly benchmark our efforts and innovate.
  • Search's MySpace Age
    I have a confession to make: I spend more time on MySpace than any college graduate with a full-time job should. At least I'm popular, though; I have more than 130 friends on the site.
  • Why You Can Auction a TV Spot, Part 2
    Bill continues his rebuttal to the traditional networks' argument against the e-Media Exchange.
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