• SEO Expert Jumps From Vivid Seats To CouponCabin
    Bryson Meunier this week became SEO director for the local coupon site, which offers cash back and codes to save money at online checkout, after working at Vivid Seats, which sells seats to concerts and events.
  • Advertisers In New Zealand First To Receive Google Ad Credits
    This is the first phase of Google's program to provide $340 million in Google Ads credit to advertisers, applicable across the Google Ads platform including Search, Display, and YouTube as well as all campaign types.
  • Google Tipping Into Support Links, Helping Companies Survive COVID-19
    Google searches for "how to help small businesses" spiked in March, increasing more than 700% since February, as COVID-19 began to change consumers' way of life in the U.S.
  • Google Search Results Found Serving Up In YouTube App
    Google reportedly began testing a new feature that serves search results from the web within the YouTube app.
  • Merkle Tests Performance Models, Strengthens Others
    Some performance models might not ring the cash register, but all are important.
  • Criteo Dives Into Performance For Partnerships, Traffic Generation
    The performance of data and websites remains an important metric for brands and retailers. Criteo has been busy working on both.
  • Facebook Shops: Analyst Foresees Multibillion-Dollar Revenue Opportunity
    Amazon and Google gained another ecommerce rival this week and SEO experts gained another platform in which to optimize content with the announcement of Facebook Shops, a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free.
  • Google Backlink Penalties -- The Way Back
    A combination of manipulative behaviors often triggers penalties on Google Search, but combinations or lists of issues that could prompt a penalty are not always obvious, which makes it difficult for marketers and webmasters to detect the exact weakness.
  • eBay, Analysts, Publishers Start To See Increase in Performance
    eBay's advertising campaign rolled out to capitalize on the recent surge in sales on the site. The company is spending more on advertising and its small- and medium-size focused "up and running campaign," Colin Sebastian, senior research analyst at Baird, wrote in a research note.
  • Performance Marketing, Advertising Blazes New Trails In Search, Digital
    Welcome to the first edition of "Search & Performance Marketing Daily." While the emphasis remains on search advertising and marketing, you also will read and learn about how to prove performance in a variety of media -- not only in search, but in performance in other areas such as voice, out-of-home, video, television and radio.
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