SEO Expert Jumps From Vivid Seats To CouponCabin

Bryson Meunier this week became director of search engine optimization for local coupon site CouponCabin after spending more than five years at Vivid Seats, which sells seats to concerts and events.

Like other companies selling seats to in-person events, Vivid Seats, an independently owned and operated online ticket marketplace, experienced a rocky road in the past two months as events were canceled as a result of COVID-19.

CouponCabin offers cash back and codes to save money at online checkout. Meunier said he is charged with optimizing content, ensuring that links can be crawled, and optimizing links, which is becoming more important. “They’re up against better funded competitors like Google and others,” he said.

Meunier is charged with ensuring that CouponCabin gains a high number of relevant links, so people searching find them and engines see the company as an authority in the space.

When asked about his experience changing jobs during a pandemic, Meunier cited challenges. At Vivid, he had to switch what he optimized. Since live events were canceled, the team had to switch what they optimized, pivoting from live events to online concert streams.

“We had to shift our content to accommodate search behavior,” he said.

While people are not attending concerts, they are tuning into live streams. This is the best move when what drives the business has changed.

Meunier has deep roots in search, from Vivid to Resolution Media, where he spent more than eight years as SEO director serving as mobile expert for the agency.

This year's focus depends on the industry, but for Meunier it means turning his attention from optimizing organic results toward optimizing for the entire search results that are organic, which focuses on Google's latest "experience" algorithm change. 

Google also has changed search results to drive more traffic to its own properties, which provides another challenge and focus this year. 

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