• Brands Should 'Embrace The Opportunity For A Mindset Shift'
    Leo Burnett Chief Strategy Officer Aki Spicer told Google that "brands with solid foundations -- a strong sense of purpose and point of view -- can weather this shift with ease, " adding: "Now is your time to demonstrate your purpose to new customers who may be interacting with you for the first time in a long time."
  • The Way Back For Advertisers After COVID-19
    The big question for advertisers is when to shift their marketing message and how to stop talking about, yet still acknowledge, the importance of staying safe.
  • Why It's Essential That Google Ads Identify Nearby, Curbside Pickup As States Reopen
    Online searches for "in-stock" items grew more than 70% globally from the week of March 28 through April 4, as consumers sought to avoid ecommerce shipping delays, according to Google.
  • Happy Mother's Day Data -- What's Different This Year?
    Kantar ranked the top 10 advertisers based on their share of total clicks such as click-share percentage on product-listing ads and text ads displaying for 23 Mother's Day keywords.
  • Google Plays Hardball With Payment Terms
    It appears that the lower the cost per click falls on keyword terms in Google Ads, the stricter Google becomes with payment terms. Marketers may find themselves in a bind.
  • Pinterest Hits 'Stiff Headwinds,' Stabilizes In April As It Automates Search
    A new feature makes planning for recipes, virtual events, and activities easier, using machine-learning technology to automate and group together clusters of pins.
  • Entrepreneurial Dream Project Launches To Give Startups An Edge
    Supermaker, which provides content and a community for startups and creators, has announced the launch of The Entrepreneurial Dream Project to benefit entrepreneurs who are building new businesses during COVID-19.
  • How Long Will It Take Consumers To Again Eat In Restaurants?
    While the bond between people and food will never change, people's relationship with restaurants has. It depends on whether or not they use a food delivery app.
  • #OpenUpOrNot: How Search Offsets In Store Declines
    Overstock's and Floor & Decor's online growth could offset brick-and-mortar declines as companies learn how to use search and ecommerce on desktop and mobile.
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