• Multichannel Attribution & the Modern Digital Marketer
    Last week Forrester Research released its projections for the growth of the interactive marketing space through 2016. According to Forrester, $77 billion per year will be spent on digital marketing by that time, or roughly the equivalent of television advertising spends today. A few key observations from this research include:
  • 301 Redirects: Implementing Your SEO 'Change of Address' Card
    If you're moving or renaming your page URLs or the directories those pages reside in, you'll need to do 301 redirects. 301 redirects are like a "change of address" card for the search engines -- they indicate that an existing page URL has moved and where the search engine can find it.
  • The Apple Standard
    When working with new clients on SEO strategies, one of the first things I do is deeply analyze the company website, from aesthetics to content quality, to all the technical bits that affect search rankings. Frequently, there's a decision to overhaul or completely redesign the site, and when preparing to do so I ask what brands a client admires most. Apple is invariably at the top of the list.
  • Google And The Great Wall
    "Have you heard of Google?" This question was asked by a group of traveling Google product engineers who had just entered the rural Indian village of Ragihalli, thirty miles outside of Bangalore. It was a Google version of a "walkabout," a 2007 foray out into the world to see firsthand how Google was wrapping its ever-extending tentacles around the globe.
  • 20 More Mistakes Made By SEM Newbies
    Two weeks ago, I shared the first half of a "Do-Not-Do" list for SEM neophytes that I crowd-sourced from fellow SEM geeks on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. And now, the rest of the story...
  • Nonprofits: Get Free Advertising From Google AdWords
    If you represent a nonprofit organization, I hope by now you've applied for a Google Grant for Google AdWords. Started in 2003, the Google Grant provides nonprofits with $10,000 or more of free clicks in the Google AdWords advertising platform. That equates to $120,000 or more of free advertising for each nonprofit organization each year! And for current Google Grant participants, there is another grant level, Grantspro, which awards even more grant money for advertising each month -- up to $480,000 per year!
  • Google's Sword Of Damocles?
    I love a good story of mystery and intrigue, especially when it involves something as mundane as search engine optimization. This story involves a reporter from Forbes, a Google salesguy, and the case of a missing news report.
  • The Social Search Column I Wish I'd Written
    In May, I wrote that "Social is the New Search," and articulated my thoughts on how the adoption and evolution of social media would have a profound impact on traditional search. In that piece, I questioned how Google could remain relevant in a socially-charged world and hypothesized that social channels (Facebook especially) would emerge as mainstream search's next logical destination.
  • In Defense Of Google
    Michael Martinez, you are oh-so-wrong! Michael responded to Derek Gordon's column on Tuesday about the Google "Dog pile" with this rejoinder: "No market-dominant company ever gets to the top through 'quality of the service it provides' -- they get there through marketing, and Google has done PLENTY of that."
  • Social Relevance: Google+'s Algorithmic Implications On Networks
    It has been over six weeks since the launch of Google+, and we are just now beginning to see the effects of what is to become Google's own proprietary social network, competing with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google has also done something incredible here that may ultimately leave their other social competitors strategically in the dust, and that is to build an effective human social layer that complements the depth of their technical domination in search
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