• Google Introduces Expanded Organic Sitelinks
    This past week, Google began displaying more information under sitelinks appearing in organic search, now providing a description under links as well as the url for the sitelink page. As a brand owner, you want to be sure that you control the majority of messaging related to your brand, especially in search results. While Google will still display 10 separate results (SERPs) on a page, the expanded sitelinks offer a new opportunity to push less relevant brand information further down the viewable results page.
  • Time To Pile Onto Google?
    Remember the years when the likes of Netscape and Apple joined forces with a host of smaller, but no less aggrieved businesses to sue the bejezus out of Microsoft? Or Microsoft's antitrust battles that resulted in the famous consent decree? Now, forces are gathering to turn up the antitrust heat on Google. Congress, federal antitrust regulators and many of Google's rivals are arming for battle. Ironically, Microsoft is one of the fomenters.
  • Beyond The E-Commerce Tracking Pixel
    Most search marketers are driven by the almighty dollar. (Perhaps I should say the almighty yen or Swiss franc at this point, but you get the idea.) We are driven by revenue directly generated by our campaigns. Because there is so much data that we can directly measure, our campaigns are driven by that directly measured profitability.But this isn't always realistic or ideal for many marketers. It's becoming harder and harder to measure e-commerce across devices. In reality, there are often many reasons to optimize campaigns around goals that aren't directly related to measured commerce activities.
  • Is Google God?
    Seriously, there are "Googlists" behind www.thechurchofgoogle.org who offer incontrovertible proof that Google is God:
  • Top 20 Mistakes Made By SEM Newbies
    People just starting out in SEM often ask for advice. Here's part one of my Do-Not-Do list -- from "don't be afraid to ask for help," to "don't get lazy with ad copy."
  • How To Fix The Top Tech Issues I Regularly See In SEO
    As an SEO consultant, I see all sorts of SEO issues. It really keeps things interesting! But there are definitely a handful of very common technical issues I find regularly with SEO, many that require very simple fixes.
  • There's So Much To Optimize For These Days
    Not long ago, talk of optimizing a website centered exclusively on search. A principal concern was making sure a new (or renovated) site ranked well in search results. No longer. I'm helping a couple of my clients build new websites from scratch, and we've had lengthy discussions about optimization. Oddly, search was the last subject to come up in each instance.
  • Mobile Musings
    Media is not about buying online or offline anymore, but selecting content and publishers that a brand wants to affiliate with -- and then ensuring that the brand message is delivered and tailored to the device and users in the context of their current need state. The industry has been abuzz about integrated media for years, but this adds a layer of complexity that requires greater continuity.
  • An Internet Marketer 50 Years In The Making
    This past weekend, I turned 50. In the deluge of smart-ass cards I received, there was one that was at least noteworthy for the twist it took in insulting me. It reminded me that when I was born, "cable" referred to something that held up bridges, a "cell" was something that contained criminals and the "net" was used to capture a fish. As I paused to reflect (something you're allowed to do more often when you cross the half century mark) I thought it would be interesting, given the ever-accelerating pace of technology, to look back and see just ...
  • The Search Industry Of Tomorrow
    The search industry moves fast. I'm always amazed at the pace of evolution and reinvention that occurs in our space. What is true one day is no longer valid the next, and that cycle seems never to end. Even just this past month, as my family and I attempted to break away for some rest and relaxation for the Fourth of July holiday, Google+ launched. I received an early invitation and I was hooked; there went the vacation.
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