• Google, Microsoft Mention AI More Than 100 Times On Earnings Calls
    Margin improvements were a focus as Google and Microsoft independently spoke about integrating generative AI into every aspect of their businesses - especially advertising - on earnings calls. Each company independently tried to ease fears that the huge changes being made to products and services will not impact business.
  • Built For The Media-Buying Executive
    I began covering market intel/measurement tech firm Skai as Kenshoo when Aaron Goldman, now Mediaocean CMO, ran marketing. VP of products Crissi Cupak has worked at Skai since 2013.
  • How Much Do Amazon, Google, Microsoft Spend And Earn From AI?
    With earnings seasons getting underway, analysts are pushing to give investors more information on the amount Amazon, Google, and Microsoft spend on AI and how much each company individually earns.
  • Search Gets Buried In Hints Of Commerce Ad Budget Increases
    A new study by Mrge, a global platform for commerce advertising, defines what is means to combine performance marketing, commerce content, and affiliate marketing. Data suggests changes are afoot.
  • Walmart's Real-Life Ad Fairytale Began In 2023
    Tinuiti's report found that three-quarters of all Walmart's search ad clicks were generated from its mobile app.
  • Crunching Numbers: What Google, Meta Owe U.S. Publishers
    Experts in academia crunch the data to determine the fair market value that Meta and Google should pay U.S. publishers for the use of their content.
  • Next Steps: DeepMind AI Discovers Faster Rankings, Search Algorithms
    DeepMind, an Alphabet company and sibling to Google, has created an AI system that can discover faster algorithms.
  • Brands Have A Problem Being Loyal To Consumers
    Brands want flashy technology such as augmented reality while consumers want the basics, such as being able to search and find products on a website. Marketers look for consumer loyalty without giving them what they want.
  • Predictions For Future Google Performance And Monetization Strategies
    What will Google look like in 2050? SEO experts at content performance and digital PR agency North conducted a study to make some predictions.
  • Porter Geeks Out On Politics At LoopMe
    Robin Porter has a fascination with politics - one reason why LoopMe hired her to run the company's newly formed political ad division. She's hoping to capture most of the ad spend this year.
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