• Search Marketing Needs to Join the Old-Timers of Marketing
    It's time for the old-timers of marketing to wake up and incorporate search engine marketing into their game plan. SEMPO, an organization geared to do just that, aims to arm companies and consultants worldwide with the material necessary to garner professional attention to search engine marketing.
  • The Search Tango
    For some, search engine marketing is a science. People who write about SEM frequently refer to the "Google Dance." At the best SEM companies, however, this dance is really much more like the exotic, Argentinean Tango.
  • Why Natural Search Matters
    In today's Search Insider, Berkowitz explains why search engine optimization is necessary.
  • Search Engine Marketing and Branding-Keywords That Don't Convert Still Matter
    CONVERSION-OBSESSED MARKETERS. THAT'S WHAT WE ARE. That's a good thing and a good focus, until it becomes a bad focus. And yes, it is possible to focus too much on converting keywords in paid search advertising and ignore the power of brand impressions created by keywords that don't convert.
  • Design Your Search Marketing Fate
    What's the most overlooked secret to running an effective search engine marketing campaign? Web design.
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