• Relax, Drink, Prove Performance: How Firstleaf Increased Wine Subscriptions
    Taboola data on news readership trends shows an 80% increase in people reading about wine and spirits since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
  • Microsoft, Integral Ad Science Partnership Provides Brand Safety Verification
    The brand safety verification for native ads running on the Microsoft Audience Network includes Microsoft owned-and-operated sites such as MSN, Outlook.com, and the Microsoft Edge browser as well as partner properties. The goal is to help brands reduce risk by adding a layer of protection, and only validated inventory from IAS will be served on the network.
  • Search Marketer Exploited Google's Election Ad Roadblocks
    A search marketer found a way to break through Google's search ad barriers and spread misinformation, which likely led the company to bar election-related advertising after all polls close on November 3.
  • Microsoft Takes On Deepfakes
    Microsoft's partnership with the AI Foundation makes the tools available to organizations involved in the news process and political campaigns.
  • Advertisers Will Spend $58.6 Billion On Ecommerce Ads To Reach Millions Of Consumers
    Data from GfK and WARC shows where advertisers will spend ad budgets and where consumers plan to shop.
  • Holiday Challenges: Why Consumers Struggle To Buy Online
    As a critical holiday shopping season approaches, survey data from goMoxie identifies a need for a better approach.
  • Consumer Behavior Changing When It Comes To Sharing Sensitive Information: ARF Study
    The ARF's Third Annual Privacy Study explores shifts in consumer attitudes toward digital privacy, mobile vs. PC use, and trust in experts and institutions with COVID-19-related information.
  • Why Google Maps And Plus Code Will Become More Important
    Location-based services are changing -- and it just may make a measurable impact for ad targeting.
  • Color-Coded Maps Tell Marketers Where They Need To Increase Advertising
    Commerce Signals has launched a tracker to help marketers understand where consumers are spending and how their own sales compare to other companies and competitors. Data also is available for custom analysis.
  • What SimilarWeb CMO, CTO Have In Common, And What They Don't
    SimilarWeb's Kevin Spurway and Ron Asher both had an interest in technology from an early age and share a fascination with sports cars. But they took different paths.
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