• Borrell: Ad Budgets Restart As Small And Mid-Sized Businesses Feel Better About Economy
    The feeling of doom continues to wane. About 56% of SMBs surveyed cited significant negative impacts in March and April vs. 34% in August. Half still feel the business climate is poor, an improvement since March.
  • Google's Answer To TikTok
    The early version of YouTube Shorts initially launches in India -- no surprise, considering the billions of dollars and resources that Sundar Pichai said Google would contribute to the country.
  • COVID-19 Drives 130 $2 Billion Online Shopping Days In U.S. This Year
    As of August there have been 130 days where U.S. online shopping surpassed $2 billion vs. only two $2 billion days outside the holiday season in 2019, according to Adobe's Digital Economy Index for the U.S. released Monday.
  • Amazon Inspires Consumers To Buy, Pinterest Not So Much
    Amidst growing interest in home, garden and DYI, lumber prices -- always a bellwether for the economy -- reached a record Thursday. Amazon is the top online destination for product discovery.
  • Indiana-Born McPherson Took 'Risky Bets' On The Path To Become CMO At Invoca
    McPherson's story is one of a small-town girl who pursued a career in a big city, landing at startups like Yammer and then Hootsuite before her move to Invoca.
  • Did Rise In Programmatic Lead Google CEO To Pledge $10 Billion To India's Digital Future?
    MediaRadar projects first-half 2020 programmatic advertising growth of 36% despite a slump in April. Perhaps this is why the Google CEO pledged $10 billion to India's digital future. Looking at the 100 programmatic advertisers year-to-date, MediaRadar found that Tech Firms, Financial Services and Retail brands comprised more than half of the roster.
  • Microsoft Advertising Premieres 'The Download' Video Series
    "Good is the New Cool" author Afdhel Aziz said pressure on companies "to not just talk the talk but walk the walk" drives them to step up to the plate.
  • How Google Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict Traffic
    How much can you trust Google to lead you down the correct path? Google and DeepMind researchers explain how they use data and machine-learning models to predict traffic flows.
  • Microsoft Takes On Deepfakes
    Microsoft's partnership with the AI Foundation makes the tools available to organizations involved in the news process and political campaigns.
  • Google Gender Bias Changing Retail Search Results
    Google is introducing the gender intent of the searcher for certain keywords without consumers adding a gender-based term in their query. Searchmetrics has suggestions for how to approach the challenge.
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