• FTC Economist Analyzes Review Quality On Amazon, Google, HomeAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp
    FTC economist Devesh Raval shows how fake online reviews can account for about half the higher average ratings for low-quality businesses on Google, compared with Yelp. He also analyzes ratings on Amazon, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook.
  • Apple To Create Search-Like Technology -- But It's Not A Search Engine
    Apple controls the default browser on iOS, so expanding into search might seem a natural fit for the company -- but it's not as simple as developing a new engine.
  • Holiday Sales To Surpass $189 Billion Online, Adobe Forecasts
    Adobe forecasts smartphones will comprise 42% of all online sales this holiday season -- a 55% increase YoY.
  • For Amazon, Coca-Cola, Technology Moves To The Cloud As COVID-19 Forces Change
    As companies from retailers to restaurants rethink contactless everything and begin to use mobile phones to transition the experience, is there performance data behind the change?
  • What Wall Street Says About Tech Company Earnings -- They Report This Week
    Amazon, Facebook and Google report earnings Oct. 29. Analysts are looking for these key signals to make a difference.
  • California Proposition 22 On Ballot Will Determine The Future Of Freelance Ad Workers
    The livelihood of those working at Uber, Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash, as well as independent contractors in search advertising and marketing, music and photography, and freelance writers seems unstable. And it's not due to COVID-19.
  • 42% Of Advertisers Do Little Or No Creative Testing, 48% Worried About Cookieless Performance
    Kantar identified three themes: Managing the complexity of media and content, navigating data in a cookieless world, and planning for and proving performance.
  • Google Vs. DOJ: What The Tech Industry Really Thinks
    The DOJ on Tuesday took action against Google, alleging the company abused its market power and stifled competition. Google responded by stating the DOJ's case is "deeply flawed" and if successful, would raise phone prices and prop up lower-quality search alternatives. Here's what the industry really thinks.
  • Ivacy VPN Adds Startpage Private Search Engine
    Startpage has partnered with VPN service Ivacy, adding Startpage as a private search option. Neither company tracks users, logs their data or sells it.
  • Verizon Measures Campaign Success Without Asking For Personal Information
    A mix of ad units and placements, programmed on a weekly schedule to drive program awareness, generated tune-in demand for live events, and invoked social awareness and participation from Brave users on Twitter.
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