• Microsoft Moves Bing To Xbox, Rewrites Site Explorer For Webmaster Tools
    Microsoft Bing's re-launch of Bing Site Explorer in Webmaster Tools and Bing's app for Xbox give advertisers another way to reach out to consumers from the console.
  • Do Consumers Want To See COVID-19 Mentioned In Holiday Ads?
    In a study, 64% of consumers said they're as or more excited about the holidays, 42% said holiday ads should mention COVID-19, 57% want ads to make them happy, and 36% want ads to make them feel inspired.
  • Atlas, Influential Drive Performance, Lift For CPG Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    "Between 2011 and 2012, I had about 30 million social media followers," said Ryan Detert, CEO at Influential. "I'm not a singer or dancer, but I own several handles on Twitter such as @travel, @usa, @automotive, kind of like dot-coms, but only on Twitter."
  • A Very Merry COVID Christmas? Pandemic Will Permanently Change Consumer Behavior: Analysts
    Capital Markets Analysts believe the impact of COVID-19 will extend into 2021 and "almost certainly solidify the permanent changes in consumer behavior brought about by this pandemic."
  • Facebook High On Consumer List For Spying On Users
    Data suggests that 85% of Americans believe big tech companies spy on them. Now what?
  • Consumer Behavior Changing When It Comes To Sharing Sensitive Information: ARF Study
    The study found people were most willing to share health information about mask wearing and many were willing to share health information with health-related organizations to help stop COVID-19, while only health insurance information would be shared by less than 50% of respondents.
  • SEO Bias, Diversity Become Bigger Industry Issues
    A survey by content marketing company NorthStar on the state of the SEO industry and the cost of bias and diversity, published by Moz, provides a snapshot of SEO professionals' thoughts and feelings.
  • Microsoft Helps SMBs Manage Campaigns Across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    AI becomes the foundation to the platform aimed at helping SMBs manage their digital marketing across Microsoft Advertising as well as advertising and social media platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Performance Marketing, How Marketers Use It And What They Plan To Spend
    The best performance-marketing channels are not always the most obvious, as survey results from Ascend2 on budgets and the most effective channels reveal.
  • Google's Jacquard Tag Recognizes Physical Gestures -- What Next?
    The Jacquard tag interprets movement and customizes it to the garments and gear. A partnership with Samsonite, announced today, adds two new backpacks to Google's collection of products with the Jacquard Tag.
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