The Mother Of All Performance Metrics

Heading into Mother's Day weekend, Ipsos has released some revealing data about the performance of, well, moms. And following a year of extraordinary angst and uncertainty for many American families, they have felt more than their share of the brunt of it.

It’s no secret that mothers have carried a huge burden as schools and normal activities shut down," Ipsos North America CEO Pierre Le Manh writes in the analysis, noting: "Two-in-three moms (64%) say they felt overwhelmed or burned out over the past year, according to data from the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index. But more than half of moms (56%) also feel hopeful right now, as vaccinations roll out and the world reopens. Hug your mother this weekend, if you can… and if you are both vaccinated."

I'm not sure what the explicit performance-marketing implications of Manh's advice are, but I would add that you should hug her a little harder and longer than you normally would.



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