Google's John Mueller: One Seasonal URL Would Collect Links All Year

Seasonal landing pages come and go, but reposting old versions of a holiday landing page on a brand’s website could disrupt ranking of that page and the site in Google’s search engine.

Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has some tips on the topic during a Webmaster Central hangout on Friday.

In the Webmaster Central Hangout video posted to YouTube, Mueller said seasonal content is always a tricky situation because brands want to remove it after a certain length of time. When that happens, Google removes it from its index, but the next time it is found, crawlers need to determine whether it will remain for many days or quickly disappear.  

“If you can keep the Christmas content up for a reasonable amount of time, so it’s not a matter of days we have to index this content, then it will probably work,” he said.

Mueller said it's important to ensure that the Christmas content is linked and relevant to other types of content on the website -- not just so Google can find the URL, but that it’s really important to the site.



Something marketers can do for all holiday content is to use one URL and reuse it for all seasonal pages, from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving, where the brand would swap out the content depending on the holiday. This would make it easier for Google’s crawler to find the page, better understand the page is important, and improve ranking for the page, even if the page changes the theme throughout the year.

“The one URL would collect links over a longer period of time,” he said. “It’s something people could refer to and link to in the long run.”

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