Super Bowl Trending Google Searches Have A Lyrical Theme

There's no shortage of data related to advertisements that ran during Super Bowl LIV. Google typically shares YouTube AdBlitz viewership stats related to Super Bowl advertisements the day following the big game, but this year the company added some of the top Google trends and most searched on Lyrics in the United States during the game.

Overall viewership of Super Bowl ads on YouTube during the game rose about 30%, compared with last year. During the game viewership of the ads rose more than 70% on TV screens — vs. mobile or desktop screens — compared with last year.

 Views of videos on Shakira’s channel peaked at 600,000 views per hour at 8 pm EST.

Music hit the perfect note on Sunday night. The most-searched lyrics in the United States during the game included Old Town Road, The Box, National Anthem, Hips Don’t Lie, and I Like It Like That.

Perhaps Demi Lovato’s rendition of the National Anthem spurred a bit of patriotism and the need to reread the lyrics.



Most people who viewed Lovato’s performance just prior to the Super Bowl before the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers likely understand why searches for the lyrics in the U.S. rose 1,450%.

Lovato’s rendition isn’t the only song increasing searches for Super Bowl-related musical content. Searches on Google in the U.S. spiked 3,500% for Shakira lyrics, and a 2,450% for information on “JLo tour 2020” following the halftime show.

People also searched for “How many quarters in football.” Searches for the question rose by more than 5,000% during the game in the U.S.

Following the Kansas City Chief’s victory, searches spiked for the term “Kansas City Chief owners” by more than 4,650%.

For those interesting in knowing the top-viewed ads on YouTube, Amazon took the top spot with its ad that showed the world the days before Alexa, followed by Facebook, Jeep, Hyundai, T-Mobile, Genesis, Pepsi, Quibi, Kia, and Olay.

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