What Is Rio SEO's Suggestion Engine?

Rio SEO has added what it is calling a Suggestion Engine to its Local Manager platform. Don’t be confused by thinking it’s a “recommendation engine.” That's what Google search returned when querying “What is a suggestion engine?”

This feature enables brands to crowdsource location data to build engaging content without sacrificing brand consistency or control, according to a Rio SEO spokesperson. It seems to also ensure enterprise location data is compliant, but compliant with what? The company is located in San Diego, California, which brings to mind compliance with CCPA data regulations, but I couldn’t get confirmation. Perhaps they mean compliance with the company’s standards.

The Suggestion Engine enables marketers to add, remove, edit and amend local information data on their respective listings. The corporate office is then notified of these suggested edits and can review, approve and/or reject them one by one or simultaneously.



Data management at the local level has been a time-consuming, labor-intensive process for end users across the enterprise, according to a Rio SEO spokesperson.

Controls give brands one platform from which to solicit location data from people in the field, such as franchisees and local managers; define minimum field requirements for adding new locations; add local data across the enterprise; get notified when there are new local updates to review and see all locations with pending updates; and check on conflicts when two users suggest different updates for the same data.

Rio SEO has been pretty quiet since Covario spun out the business unit in 2012. Covario was then acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network in 2014 and combined with iProspect in 2015.

Rio SEO remains an independent software-as-a-service company.

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