What Marketers Probably Don't Know About Yahoo Small Business

Plans are in the works to expand Yahoo services through an offering the company calls Business Maker. The first version of this platform launched in October 2019. It's offered through the company's Verizon Business unit. The two other Verizon business units since the acquisition of Yahoo include Verizon Consumer and Verizon Media.

An SEO service, Localworks, standardizes listings online. It is one product that launched in the first version of the product last year, explains Iravati Hingne, head of product management at Yahoo Small Business. Localworks is similar to Yext Listings and B&B Hoovers Business Directory, among others, but this one from Yahoo automates the process within Business Maker.

Yahoo’s platform helps companies list their business on Google, Yelp, and other platforms. It gives small businesses access to their online reviews and ratings, and business reputation information that can help companies understand what and why consumers think about the company’s services.



The data such as location and preferences that is collected by the platform as the small business owner makes their way through the setup process is used to improve on services offered to them, Hingne said. It allows Verizon to offer personalized services. 

From a database of articles and news, for example, Business Maker users might see relevant articles about their business sent to them via email. 

When asked whether there is a dotted line to service offerings between Verizon Business and Verizon Media, Hingne said “no,” which I think is one of the biggest mistakes Verizon can make when it comes to sharing resources.

From a web page on the Yahoo Small Business site it looks like Localworks has been around since 2018. Verizon acquired Yahoo in 2017, and then created Business Maker and integrated the feature into the platform of services.

Business Maker also comes with a DIY website, domain, five email boxes, and input on legal services that's offered though a partner. It seems to me that by connecting Verizon Business with Verizon Media, the company could offer smaller businesses sophisticated services like those offered through its DSP Inventory Storefront platform, only on a smaller scale.

Rather than offer it a self-service platform, offer it as a managed service, perhaps one that integrates into Business Maker. The Inventory Storefront enables greater control over where ads run by connecting the advertiser with the best ad supply available from premium publishers in the Verizon Media DSP.

I just think it should be offered on a smaller scale. Your thoughts?


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