Visa Dives Deep Into Creator Economy

Kennedy @whokae focuses her TikTok page on cinematography highlighting black culture, from clothing to makeup. Along with two others — food creator Danny, along with music creator L.Dre — are participating as mentors in Visa’s Get P@id social video series.

“I’ve always been a confident person, but Visa has made me feel comfortable in my knowledge, using my voice to reach others on the platform,” Kennedy says. “I don’t think there’s a rulebook for content creation. Visa honed in on the fact. It’s just a big melting pot for trials and tribulations.”

Visa brought together people to share information, she says.

The series is hosted by Kareem Rahma, an Egyptian-American comedian, artist, and media entrepreneur, brings in established creators to share strategies with up-and-coming artists, teaching them how to grow their brands and improve skills to get paid talking about what they love.



Danny, a former lawyer, began creating content and posting recipe videos on TikTok a few years ago for fun. His specialty focuses on bright and colorful Italian vegetable pasta dishes. He released a cookbook last year.

When asked if it's important for the content to be indexed in Google Search or Microsoft Bing, Danny said, yes, because many people search for recipes on the search engines. "The person searching for recipes may of never heard of me, but it's one way people can find mine," he said.

“Younger audience tend to search in the social platforms for content," says Ashley Cole, VP of content strategy, development & distribution at Visa.

Cole said Danny and Kennedy are two of our three mentors and they work with mentees on topics. The mentorships aim to provide tips and opportunities to improve their craft of content creation.

There are three mentors and three mentees in the program. The mentees in the program include @chefbrad – food creator, @jovvamusic – music creator, and @steelojeem – fashion creator.

The series lives on Visa’s social channels. During the coming weeks, mentors will coach mentees sharing tips and advice. The mentees face three video challenges helping them better understand what it takes to get paid as a creator. The new social series will also provide expert advice from popular creators on how to up their social media status and personal brand.

The mentees participating in the program had three challenges:

  • To make a video outside their comfort zone and traditional style.
  • To make a fake sponsored post on a large pencil to incorporate it into a video.
  • The third was to describe how they would grow their brand beyond what they do in social media.

These realistic challenges that a creator may confront then received feedback from the mentors. It wasn’t a competitive expertise, but rather one that shows the life of a true creator.

Danny said the exercises helped him stop and think of things that really worked for him. "You need to find what's true to yourself to share with others," he said. 

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