Amazon Prime Day Spurs Search Ad, Media Buys

Amazon announced Tuesday that it will hold its next Prime Day on July 15 and 16. A quick poll of Profitero clients shows many brands are buying search and other types of digital ads, as well as running promotions on Amazon Prime Day, according to Andrew Pearl, VP of strategy and insight for EMEA at the company.

“It’s reasonable to expect an increase in ad spend on Prime Day, one of the biggest traffic days of the year for Amazon, as brands increasingly understand that being top of mind and top of page is almost as important as offering a promotion,” Pearl wrote in an email to Search Insider. “We know that Amazon has been advising brands that they can get more impact from promoted products if they also advertise those products, and we believe brands will take heed.”

Pearl believes advertisers will tailor their strategies with a greater emphasis on benefiting from the brand-building opportunities for the day.

Profitero company data also shows that consumers will spend more on Prime Day 2019, compared with those that took place in the past.



More than half of Prime members who purchased last Prime Day -- 56% in the U.S. and 53% in the U.K. -- expect to spend more this year across multiple categories, from electronics to groceries.

Some 62% of U.S. Prime members and 50% of U.K. Prime members believe the deals are a good value. Some 56% of U.S. and 50% of U.K. members are likely to try a product they don’t usually buy.

Profitero surveyed 1,000 Prime members each in the U.S. and U.K. in May 2019 and found that Prime Day continues to gain acceptance.

An estimated 76% of Prime members in the U.S. plan to shop on Prime Day this year, up from 63% last year.

Global interest in the event also continues to increase. Some 67% of U.K. Prime members plan to shop during this year’s event, up from 52% in 2018.

Retailers also should know more than half of Prime Day members -- 58% U.S. and 59% in the U.K. -- will compare prices on other sites first before buying a Prime Day deal on Amazon, according to the survey.

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