Iggy Pop Becomes Face Of Unagi Electric Scooters

Iggy Pop, who describes himself as the Godfather of Punk, became the face for the high-end and lightweight electric scooter company, Unagi Scooters.

While it may seem like an unlikely partnership, Pop appears in a new commercial for Unagi. Both challengers are up against bigger forces, promoting individuality and freedom.

“How you get there matters more than where you go,” Pop says in one of the videos.

Dressed shirtless in black skinny jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket, the 74-year-old musician walks around his house unfolding the scooter and running on the headlamp, while the words "tough," "timeless" and "road ready" flash on the screen.

Iggy’s attitude and iconic persona are unique. “Unagi, experience euphoria without the psychedelics,” he said in yet another video.

The ad is being rolled out via social media first, followed by digital sites such as YouTube pre-rolls, bumpers, Facebook, Instagram, and dedicated music outlets. 



The brand, along with its new spokesperson, aim to demonstrate that Unagi’s scooters are unlike any ride-sharing or commodity quality scooters on the market. The message points to individuality, freedom, and liberating people from the tyranny of transportation frustrations.

The ad was filmed by Unagi’s in-house creative team led by Daniel Benhamo at Pop’s Miami home.

“Iggy represents everything Unagi’s team sees in the brand, a challenger brand up against much bigger forces,” according to a spokesperson for Unagi.

Unagi’s CEO, David Hyman, has been working in the music industry since 1994, so his relationships in the space run deep. 

Musicians including Billie Eilish, who has her own custom design, Steve Aoki, and Chance the Rapper all own a Unagi scooter.

Until now most of the company’s promotional videos have been reviews set in urban areas with, well, everyday people riding them.  

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