Search Glitch In Google App Keeps Page From Fully Rendering

Another day, another Google search bug of one kind or another? So it seems.

At 12:30 Pacific time, Google tweeted on Twitter that it is aware that for some people its “search results page might not be fully rendering. We’re actively working to resolve this bug.”

Thiagomello responded with “where the hell is the Google CEO?” and Jorge Lizarazo, a self-proclaimed digital dreamer, tweeted “Another bug … Really???”

In Google’s Search Help forum people pointed to the Google app. In the Google app the search results doesn’t completely render.  In one instance, only the first quarter of the page rendered. Half to three quarters of the screen goes blank in the phone app.

Apparently it only occurs in the Google app, not the Google Chrome app.

The biggest issue is those searching for information cannot see the information. One person has been experiencing the whiteout since Saturday. Lells 37 tried all recommended fixed, but nothing worked.



“Same issue here,” wrote Adam Rosenthal, a community forum member. “I tried force closing, clearing my cache for the app, and restarting my phone but it's still happening. I'm assuming it just must be a recently introduced bug. Hoping it will be resolved soon in another update to the app.”

One person found a temporary fix.

“Oddly, what seems to work is going into my Google account, clicking ‘manage your Google account,’ going to "data and personalisation" and pausing "Web and app activity." wrote Allister M, in the forum. “I have no idea how or why this works but as it seems to interfere with other functions (such as Google assistant apparently) it is not ideal and hopefully only a quick temporary fix. Keen to get a better solution.”

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