• Google Makes Algorithmic Updates To Reviews In Search
    Looking to tackle invalid or misleading online reviews across its search engine, Google on Monday announced an algorithmic update to rich review snippets, a short excerpt of a review rating from a website.
  • Study: Some Ecommerce Product Categories With Less Info Need Paid Ads To Perform Well
    Depending on the product category, sponsored listings can improve consumer search effectiveness and increase conversion rates and marketplace profit, Columbia Business School research finds.
  • SEO, Paid-Search Education Crammed Into Enterprise Business Model
    Directive Consulting, a global enterprise search marketing agency, will launch a full-learning management system that educates the user through practical templates, tools, approaches for SEO and paid search, and conversion rate optimization. The company is on track to build out technology that will help enterprise companies focus on their brands.
  • SharkNinja Analyzes Keywords In Reviews To Improve Customer Service, Reduce Costs
    SharkNinja marketers worked with Clarabridge to analyze keywords and identify unmet consumer needs -- not just in the company's own products, but competitive products too.
  • Google Nofollow Links Become 'Hint' In Search
    Google's nofollow link attribute will act as a "hint" rather than a specific directive for ranking. Google will also add two new attributes for sponsored content and user-generated content.
  • Microsoft Advertising Releases Negative Keyword Conflicts Report
    Microsoft Advertising has released what it is calling a product negative keyword conflicts report for shopping campaigns to ensure ads don't serve up in response to irrelevant search queries.
  • Physical Appearance Impacts Online Reviews, Cornell University Research Finds
    Attractive reviewers have more clout with online recommendations, Cornell University research finds. The studies could have implications for marketers seeking to save people from making superficial judgments.
  • Google Now Recommends TV Shows, Movies Based On Data You Feed Its Algorithms
    Google will now personalize TV and movie recommendations in search, and starting today, users can search for recommendations, using the "Top picks for you" carousel to begin rating TV shows and movies.
  • Google Accused Of 'Cookie Matching,' Common Industry Practice
    Google has been accused of using a tracker containing web-browsing information, location and other data, and sending the data to ad companies through web pages that did not show content. Some believe it's more evidence filed in support of an event that occurred in September 2018.
  • Deconstructing Amazon's Ecommerce Search Engine
    While Google asks "What results most accurately answer the searcher's query?" Amazon asks "What product is the searcher most likely to buy?"
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