Microsoft Advertising Releases Negative Keyword Conflicts Report

Microsoft Advertising on Monday released what it is calling a product negative keyword conflicts report for advertisers' shopping campaigns to ensure ads do not serve up in response to irrelevant search queries.

The report shows marketers the specific product ads that are actively being blocked by negative keywords. It also shows the match type of these negative keywords, and the level to which the conflict arose. This is called the conflict level.

The company had offered conflict reports for search in the past, but the latest move brings the reports into Shopping.

Since shopping campaigns do not use regular keywords and negative keywords are associated at the campaign or ad-group level, the conflict level will always take on one of two values in the product negative keyword conflicts report, which are either campaign or ad-group levels.



Marketers can access the report in the Reporting API, and it can be accessed from within the Product ads section of the Reports tab. 

Marketers need to select the shopping campaigns, general settings, and any additional columns they would like to examine in the report, and then click on Run or Download to better understand how negative keywords impact shopping campaigns.

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