Performance Agency Tinuiti Adds Instacart To Offering

Tinuiti, a large independent performance marketing agency, on Thursday added another marketplace to its offering — Instacart.

The Instacart Acceleration Program offers full-service tactical and strategic management for advertising on the online grocery delivery platform. The  offering, unique to Instacart, is managed through Tinuiti's proprietary AI-enabled ecommerce activation tool, MobiusX.

David Weichel, vice oresident of product at Tinuiti, oversaw the creation of the API in-house. Elizabeth Marsten, senior director, strategic marketplace services, designed the advertising management program.

One of the biggest ways to determine the strength of a service is to track search trends on Google. Colin Sebastian, analyst at Baird Equity Research, has been doing just that. In a research note published this week, he wrote that some of the biggest keyword gainers this year were TikTok, Instacart, Facebook Marketplace, Apex Legends, and FIFA Ultimate Team.



It’s easy to see how COVID-19 changed consumer buying habits, turning Instacart into an ecommerce powerhouse that can identify a variety of online behavioral trends.

While Instacart owns the purchase data, it does share the data with the brands that rely on the platform to serve their customers.

The brands can view data on spend, sales, cost per click, click-through rates, return on ad spend, bids, suggested bids, bid strength, impressions, clicks, keywords, and attributed quantities in the web based on the user interface.

Those that continue to invest in Instacart will receive monthly reporting that offers additional insights such as aisle share in dollars compared with a year ago, change in share, out-of-stock performance implications, and more. 

For brands that are not currently advertising on Instacart, it takes two to three weeks if the brand submits for an account with Instacart’s advertising platform, depending on size and account creation demand.

There is a similar timeline at Tinuiti, where the agency applies for the account on behalf of the client and connects through the API.


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