Consumers Search For Black Friday Deals More Than Cyber Monday

The search team at New South Performance, an ecommerce site specializing in design and manufacturing of automotive parts and accessories for Volkswagen, Audi Porsche and other automakers, put together an infographic showing the states in the U.S. where consumers are searching the most and the least for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 

These numbers are the average per state based on the Google Trends scale, where "0" represents none or very low search interest, and "100" is very high. The data shows Google Trends search interest data from Oct. 18, 2017, through Nov, 18, 2017.

Using data from Google Trends, the maps show the states with the highest amount of searches for eight terms on desktop and mobile. Four have been averaged together for each shopping day. The terms analyzed were Black Friday deals, Black Friday deals 2017, Black Friday sales, Black Friday sales 2017, Cyber Monday deals, Cyber Monday deals 2017, Cyber Monday sales, and Cyber Monday sales 2017.



When it comes to Black Friday deals, consumers in Montana, Alaska and Vermont searched the least, whereas consumers in Alabama, West Virginia, and Arkansas searched the most.  

When it comes to Cyber Monday deals, consumers in Wyoming, North Dakota, and New Mexico searched the least during this time frame, whereas consumers in New York, California, and Texas searched the most.

Most interesting, the searches for Black Friday deals far outweigh those for Cyber Monday. Alabama, West Virginia, and Arkansas, the top three states, came in at 90.75, 89, and 85, respectively. Searches for Cyber Monday deals — New York, California, and Texas—came in at 69.75, 54.25, and 54.25, respectively. 

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