• Google, Culture Changes And Leaked Information
    It would have been unheard of until recently to discover that someone leaked information to a reporter during a Google all-hands meeting in which co-founder Sergei Brin and CEO Sundar Pichai talked about sensitive company information. This time the information came after reports of a censored search engine that would launch in China.
  • Voice Search, Smart Speakers Raise The Bar
    Three market reports on smart speaker shipments provide a perspective on the growing popularity of searching with your voice rather than your fingertips.
  • Bing Mobile App Uses Phone's Camera To Calculate Math Problems
    Bing released an update to its iOS search app earlier this week that includes a "Math" mode, a feature made available through Microsoft's Camera Intelligent search.
  • Princeton Research Confirms Google Tracks Phones With Location History Turned Off
    Google insists that those using its services can control the information the company tracks by turning location history off in their smartphone, but a recent investigation by the Associated Press suggests otherwise.
  • As California Burns, Google Serves Up Answers In Search
    Google offers an SOS alert for the California wildfires. A query for "California wildfires" returns a list of information about the California wildfires. The SOS alert is really about helping people in times of crisis and giving them access to timely information about a specific situation. It was introduced in July 2017.
  • Half Of Marketers Lack CX Connections With Millennials
    About 52% of marketers participating in a survey about serving an exceptional customer experience (CX) to millennials said they must adapt to changing preferences that have long-term effects on the company's business. Some 37% of marketers said they're under pressure to adapt to millennial preferences.
  • Porch CEO Matt Erlichman Talks About Bing, Search, Machine Learning
    Porch.com, which helps consumers find professionals and costs for home improvements, recently inked a deal with Microsoft to serve data on the Bing search engine.
  • Search And Ecommerce Taking A Larger Piece Of Back-To-School
    This year's back-to-school ecommerce sales will likely exceed those in 2017, but not for in-store -- part of what seems to be a bigger shift toward online back-to-school sales.
  • TripAdvisor Business Listings Gain Years Of Review Data Through Uberall Partnership
    Uberall, which focuses on nearby listings, announced on Tuesday a partnership with TripAdvisor to help its consumers not only find the business listing online and lead them into the physical store, but help the companies with the listings gain access to more of the data surrounding reviews.
  • Bing Adds Intelligent Search Features On The Upside
    In May, Bing released a hotel booking feature with aggregated pricing from third-party booking sites. Now intelligent search features allow consumers to view pricing trends.
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