TripAdvisor Business Listings Gain Years Of Review Data Through Uberall Partnership

Machine learning and artificial intelligence turned search into a utility as it found a way to bring people searching online into physical stores.

Uberall, which focuses on nearby listings, announced on Tuesday a partnership with TripAdvisor to help its consumers not only find the business listings online and lead them into the physical store, but help the companies with the listings gain access to more of the data surrounding reviews.

The global partnership gives businesses with a TripAdvisor profile the ability to monitor reviews and analyze data for the past three years. The key is understanding the information in listings and reviews, said Florian Hubner, cofounder of Uberall.

Detailed descriptions and pictures of stores and restaurants, for example, can help those searching for information online make better decisions, especially if the person isn’t familiar with the area. Even showing restaurant menus can help consumers, he said.

Through the Uberall Location Marketing Cloud, and the brand-new TripAdvisor integration, businesses can track, monitor and evaluate their online reputation for each of their locations on TripAdvisor, empowering them to respond to customer reviews in real-time and hyper-locally. Uberall customers will receive access to their TripAdvisor reviews from the past three years.



“Near me” searches are now built into the machine-learning algorithm that feed off of information that companies integrate into their business listing. About 88% of the searches focused on finding a nearby location or business occur on a smartphone, he said, which typically already knows the location of the phone through location-tracking technology like GPS.

These improvements and others have been made possible by technology and partnerships with Google, Facebook and others, Hubner said.

In addition to TripAdvisor, companies such as KFC, McDonald’s DE, Domino’s, DHL Group, Virgin Holidays, ThyssenKrupp, and HUK Coburg are among those working with Uberall.

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