• TurboTax, H&R Block Dig Deep In 2018 For TV, Paid-Search Ads
    Companies that prepare taxes spent more than $192 million to advertise on TV across U.S. national, cable and Spanish-language TV through April 4. TurboTax accounted for $93.4 million -- nearly 49% of the total.
  • Google And The Path Of Objective Opinions
    Guillaume Chaslot, a computer programmer who worked on recommendations at YouTube, believes the algorithm leads searchers down a specific path -- not the one the person searching for answers usually takes.
  • Google Developing Merchandising Analytics Services
    Google is in the early stages of developing a merchandising suite of analytic tools to improve performance and reduce complexity. Some of the tools will be supported by data in Shopping that offers insights into queries and the mix of products that consumers purchase together.
  • Forrester Estimates E-commerce On Smartphones Will Reach $209 Billion In 2022
    Forrester's latest U.S. mobile and tablet commerce forecast for 2017 to 2022 estimates that Americans spent $153 billion on retail products using their mobile devices in 2017.
  • SMBs Still Struggle With SEO, Paid Search
    The growth in 2017 from the Total Median Effectiveness score was primarily driven by companies such as Pinterest at 19%, LinkedIn at 17%, and Twitter at 13%. SEO came in at about 8%, and paid search even less.
  • Gartner Analyst: Marketers Struggling with Parts Of GDPR
    The terms and requirements for consent to use the data remain one of the greatest challenges for marketers, according to Andrew Frank, Gartner Research analyst and vice president.
  • Facebook Limits Search Features As Part Of API Shutdowns
    Search and account recovery are among the list of APIs that Facebook said it would shut down after Cambridge Analytica gained access to user data.
  • Cyabra's Fake News Detector
    The technology comes from veterans of Israel's elite security and intelligence units who have accumulated 25 years of experience in online identity theft and through their military service and activity in business intelligence companies.
  • Apple Hires Former Google Head Of AI
    Apple has hired John Giannandrea as the company's first svp of AI, according to one report -- news that makes me think of the possibilities of search at Apple.
  • Global SEO, Paid-Search Challenges Increasing
    The promise of the internet for B2C and B2B marketing has always been the ability to reach a global network of consumers -- yet only a few businesses are truly global.
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