Google Search Adds Ways To Verify Information

Google has launched several ways to verify information in search -- including perspectives, and the About this author feature -- on Tuesday. The information aims to show brands how to build trust on websites and in search results.

Google has been testing perspectives in Google Search since August 2022, and now will roll it out in the United States on desktop and mobile. Perspectives will appear below Top Stories and showcase insights from a range of journalists, experts, and other relevant voices on topics being searched on. The goal is to help those searching for information better understand a news story.

Understanding the source with About this author allows people who are seeking information to learn more about the authors behind the content being read.

When people tap on the three dots, readers can find more information about the background and experience of the voices served in Google Search. The feature in Search results launches in English globally and on the Perspectives carousel in the U.S. in English.



The three dots next to a search result will also allow people to learn more information about the source and topic of a particular page.

For example, when searching for a rainforest protection organization, type in the URL of the organization in Google Search and information from About this page will populate at the top of Search to quickly see how the website describes itself.

Sometimes, there is a lack of good information to show for a search, or the results are changing quickly – and that can also provide important context for people searching to have. To address the information gaps, Google Search will automatically show content advisories when a topic evolves.

Google recently launched similar advisories, which trigger when its systems do not have high confidence in the overall quality of the results available. The advisories are being expanded to new languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese in the coming months.

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