Reddit Continues To Update Ad Platform

Reddit on Thursday made it easier to set up and run advertising campaigns across its platform as the company continues to grow its global ad business.

Updates to Reddit Ads Manager are intended to make set-up and management easier. The goal is that the changes will benefit all Reddit advertisers with specific updates geared toward the company’s suite of self-service options for local and international advertisers.

Features that have been updated include Simple Campaign Creation, Automated Ad Creation, and Multi-Currency Support.

For advertisers that wish to use Reddit’s self-serve option, the company developed “Simple Create” to build a campaign with one ad in three easy steps — create an ad, set up targeting and budgets, and select payment.

The Automated Ad Creation feature lets advertisers on Reddit build and test multiple sets of ad variations on the platform to see what messaging resonates the strongest with a specific audience.



Multi-Currency support is geared toward Reddit’s growing international client base in more than 40 countries. Advertisers can now select the international currencies they wish to operate in, including the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), and New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

When campaigns are up and running, advertisers can use improved community search features that let them find communities on the platform that are interested in relevant topics.

For advertisers wanting to look back on campaign performance, Reddit Ads Manager now supports a 12-month look-back in reports.

Now there is also a tool that enables advertisers to make changes and updates to bids, budgets, and third-party reporting trackers for ads across multiple campaigns and ad groups at the same time. 

Last October, the company introduced an Ads API with four initial partners — Vidmob, Spinklr, adMixt, and PMG.

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