• Holiday Calendar For Targeting Search Campaigns
    In 2017, Google searches for "Black Friday" saw the highest growth spike immediately following October 31, and the week of Black Friday.
  • NYU, Borrell Separately Analyze Political Media Spend Of Specific Platforms
    Two different studies analyzed two sets of political ad data. The numbers show where, when and how monies are spent, and who they reach.
  • Will Amazon's 'Shark Tank' Retail Site Move The Needle For Advertising?
    On Monday Amazon announced a retail partnership with reality show 'Shark Tank,' which gives entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their products and ideas to gain possible backing from celebrity investors.
  • Amazon Taking Marketers' Budgets, CPCs In Flux Globally
    Marketers spent 13% more in Q2, driven by click volume and higher cost per click. The U.S. came in at 12%, followed by the UK at 14%, and Europe at 19%, according to recent data.
  • Bing Predicts U.S. Consumers Will Spend 5.1% More Online During Holidays
    Bing released 2018 growth numbers, expecting consumers to spend 5.1% more this year -- up from 4.2% in 2017, excluding gasoline and automobiles.
  • Moz Acquires STAT Research, Deepens Focus On Enterprise SEO
    STAT Search Analytics focuses on rank tracking and search engine result page analytics for enterprises and digital agencies. Moz expects to unveil new integrated solutions for enterprises next year.
  • Adobe Magento And Its Vision For Personalized 'Experience Commerce'
    The joint vision centers on how companies compete on experiences rather than price and product. Adobe announced integrations on Tuesday that bring analytics and personalization of Magento's Commerce Cloud into Adobe's Experience Cloud.
  • Bing Announces Changes To Its Political Ad Policy
    Bing plans to disallow U.S. and ballot measure ads. The changes will impact any U.S. candidate or political organization running advertising campaigns across Bing's ad network.
  • Search Data Shows Political Bias On Google, Bing, Yahoo
    A new study suggests Google gives greater visibility to a higher proportion of search results critical of President Trump, while Bing and Yahoo tend to be more pro-Trump. The data may give marketers more insight into consumer behavior on the engines.
  • Marketers Don't Understand SEO, Report Suggests
    Some 83% of businesses think their digital marketing efforts help them achieve their goals, but 44% say SEO is their least popular digital marketing channel.
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