• Microsoft Bing 3D Ad Format Created For Samsung On Desktop, Mobile, Available In U.S.
    Bing, Samsung and Starcom are running a test of a 3D ad format -- the first in the industry to run on desktop and mobile through the Bing Ads platform, a Bing spokesperson confirmed.
  • A Pinch Of SEO Tied To Paid Search
    Nearly 40% of small businesses rely on an SEO strategy in 2019, but many also use paid search. About 60% of those with an SEO strategy said they also invest in paid search, up from 16% in 2018.
  • Amazon Says Digital Adoption In Rural U.S. Could Drive $84.5B Annually, Overlooks Challenges
    The study found adoption of digital technology could grow rural small businesses' annual revenue by 21% within three years, with southern states seeing the greatest benefit. Online tools and technology have the highest potential impact on rural small businesses, the study suggests.
  • Tim Berners-Lee Looks To Rid World Wide Web, At 30, Of Misinformation, Clickbait
    Berners-Lee calls on the global web community to work with the Web Foundation, which is working with governments, companies and citizens to build a new Contract for the Web.
  • Why Google Serves Publisher Pages With Incorrect Datelines And How To Fix It
    Datelines in news articles have become more important to Google's search engine, to determine whether posts are current and when they should include news or events in the Google Search timeline feature.
  • Ad Women, Not Mad Men
    Ad-Women.com, a search engine to find women in the advertising industry, officially launched Thursday, one day prior to International Women's Day. Anecdotally, marketers will tell you more women in recent years have entered the fields of search advertising and marketing.
  • Google Launches Rewards Program For Each Ad Viewed
    Google has introduced an in-app program in Google Play that rewards users for watching advertisements.
  • The Inside Skinny Of Link Manipulation
    Russ Jones, principal search scientist at Moz, talks about link manipulation and how to deal with the challenges.
  • More People Are Talking To Their Phones
    People are becoming less shy about talking into their phones. Data released Tuesday aims to prove it.
  • Amazon Ranks Most Visible In Ecommerce Category For Google U.S.
    A Searchmetrics study identifies Amazon as having the six top most visible domains in France, Germany and Austria, Italy, Spain, the U.S. and the U.K.
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