Microsoft Bing 3D Ad Format Created For Samsung On Desktop, Mobile, Available In U.S.

Microsoft Bing, Samsung and Starcom have been running a test of a 3D ad format created to support the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 handset that works exclusively with Bing search.

The 3D advertisements are the first in the industry to run on desktop and mobile through the Bing Ads platform, a Bing spokesperson confirmed.

The goal is to provide a rich search and advertising experience across a variety of form factors, she wrote. This is just one example of how Bing is continuing to research and collaborate with its partners to create these innovative experiences.

Today the test is only being done by Samsung in the U.K., but the 3D Ads with Bing is part of a closed pilot program by invite only that is also available in U.S. for select advertisers. Marketers at brands that want to participate can talk to their account manager, but it’s very limited at the moment, the spokesperson said.  

The news, initially announced last week in the U.K., notes that “when consumers search for the Samsung S10 and Samsung S9 via desktop, an option for a 3D ad unit appears.” On desktop the advertisement expands to the full size of the screen. The user can rotate or zoom in on the image to see every detail of the phone.



While 3D ads are completely new, serving them up as a search advertisement is on the Bing search engine. In 2018, Facebook rolled out the ability to turn regular photos into 3D photos to add depth to an iPhone portrait photo. It's done through the portrait mode on the phone for desktop or mobile News Feeds, as well as in VR through Oculus Go's browser or Firefox on Oculus, 

Last year, Verizon Media, then Oath, also introduced at Cannes a 3D ad format and programmatic VR ads.

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